Generate Sales, Customers and Website Traffic reaches thousands of 3d printing enthusiasts that are looking to help offset the cost of 3d printing products and services by receiving special discounts from participating sponsors. In exchange for your discount, sends you 3d printing customers every day. There are no fees, we just ask that you provide our customers with a special discount not typically found on your site. Contact us to learn more.

How Does Work?

  1. Customers ask you for a discount.
  2. You decide on how much you can discount your product/service.
  3. Customers buy from you directly on your site.

Sponsor FAQ

We ask sponsors to offer a special discount typically not found on their site. Sponsors have full control on the amount of discount they provide each customer.

No, we do not publish our sponsors discounts on our site. Only those that ask for a discount will see a broad range of discounts that you may offer them but its not until you actually speak or have email communications with the customer, will they know the exact discount they can receive.

No, does not process orders or ship products. We simply send the customer to you, the discount and sale happens on your end.

There are no minimums. You can offer a special discount to one or all, its completely up to you.

“Dear Bob, 3DBrandX has agreed to offer you a special discount. Please contact them at or call 1-800-3DBrandX and ask for Jimmy to discuss your special discount.”

No, we do not provide the discounts or coupons to the customers. They will contact you directly and you offer them the coupon or discount directly.

The amount of the discount and expiration is completely up to you. However, we suggest limiting the expiration to just a few days. We find sponsors offering a larger discount, expiring within 24- 72 hours, get the highest conversions.

There are no fees for sponsors.

No, our sponsorship partnership is day by day, cancel or pause anytime.